White Papers, Articles & Special Reports

These highly credible documents are particularly useful if you want to achieve greater thought leadership status or generate more leads through your website or salesforce. They can help your customers and partners understand why you offer the best answers to industry challenges or even help you define your corporate strategies.

Thought Leadership Special Reports

Veritude Workforce Insights

Veritude: One of a half-dozen bimonthly articles about workforce staffing issues based upon interviews with company executives.

CTPartners: A Q&A interview with six top pharma and biotech CFOs in Europe and the US.

Web Articles

Beacon Partners wanted to develop an idea about the role IT can play in helping hospitals be more environmentally friendly.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch: This is an article inĀ  Institutional Investor about financial wellness.

Survey Reports

Veritude: Survey report about the relationship between HR and line managers including perspective from senior Veritude executives.

CTPartners: Survey report based upon research results and executive interviews.

Long Form Reports

Fidelity: Chapters of a book-length primer directed toward financial advisors created by Moss Adams and Fidelity Investments.