In addition to being a freelance writer for a variety of companies, including John Hancock, Fidelity Investments, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Philips Medical Systems, Smith & Nephew, Veritude, CTPartners, CA, and SAP, I’m also the author of eight books. You’ll find I’m comfortable writing anywhere between a few sentences to a few hundred pages, depending upon what you need. Check these links for some examples.

  • Web-Based Articles and Whitepapers
    Do you have a story that must come to life, yet you’re stuck in the endless loop of, “Where to begin?” Perhaps a whitepaper, article, or special report is the best way to convey your thought leadership or product message.
  • Flash/Video Scripts
    What kind of script do you need? A narration? Dialogue for actors? A paper edit of interviewed subjects? Or a combination of all three?
  • Executive Speeches
    An effective speech takes more than a smooth flow of copy. It takes pacing, awareness of voice, and most of all, a message that strongly resonates with your audience. Check out some examples and send for my free whitepaper, “Ten Tips for Writing and Presenting a Great Speech.”
  • Marketing Communications Copy
    Sales letters, brochures, data sheets, and other ways to spread your company’s message to different audience segments.
  • Book Length Projects
    As the author of eight books, I can also help you with a wide range of long-form projects.